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Yeh by FossilDiggerStudios Yeh :iconfossildiggerstudios:FossilDiggerStudios 1 0 Chart Meme by FossilDiggerStudios Chart Meme :iconfossildiggerstudios:FossilDiggerStudios 1 1 Raptor Face Meme by FossilDiggerStudios Raptor Face Meme :iconfossildiggerstudios:FossilDiggerStudios 4 6
May Motherhood
Ever since she was little, May was facinated by pregnancy. Seeing her mother’s second pregnancy and the next-door neighbor having so many pregnancies she could barely count them, she started to wonder what it would feel like to have life growing slowly inside her. At the age of 18, now a seasoned Pokémon trainer and contest champion for 5 seasons in a row, May got a letter from an organization that wanted to see how Pokémon embryos would develop inside a human womb. Being a Pokémon Trainer, and having a natural curiosity with pregnancy, she quickly accepted the offer and willingly became their first test subject.
”So, you’re a virgin?” Said a young man in a lab coat. “Yes, I haven’t had a steady relationship since my days as a rookie Performer.” Said May with a slight blush on her face. Her attire was a sleeveless, light orange jacket, with black short shorts and a green Pokeball pattern bandanna on her head. “Hmm. Are you
:iconfossildiggerstudios:FossilDiggerStudios 22 3
Bionicle MOC: Beastmaster Ketar by FossilDiggerStudios Bionicle MOC: Beastmaster Ketar :iconfossildiggerstudios:FossilDiggerStudios 3 0 Mimikyu's... Vore Form...? by FossilDiggerStudios Mimikyu's... Vore Form...? :iconfossildiggerstudios:FossilDiggerStudios 13 7
Archedian Nekomata Types/Tribes
For :iconflutter-rays:
Normal/Untyped: The White Bread of Nekomatas, nothing too special about them
Frost: Normally found in tundras, they’re known for loving the cold and they often bear a thick coat of fur
Fire: Living around volcanoes, their short, shaggy fur help keep them cool
Water: Living in or around water, they lack fur and have fins and gills. They can live in water and on land
Wind: That’s right, winged cats. They have feathers on parts of their body, such as the head, paws, tails, and of course the wings
Earth (Desert): They’re the peaceful variant of Earth Nekomatas, using their heavily padded paws to walk on the unstable dunes of their desert home
Earth (Cave): Large, brutish, strong, and basically Orc Cats. Exposed claws, huge fangs, and glowing eyes tell you to back off if you don’t want trouble 
Nature: Living in forests, they are made for climbing tall trees. Depending on the color of the gem in their forehead, they have certain fruits the
:iconfossildiggerstudios:FossilDiggerStudios 2 2
Speculative Island Tyrannosaur by FossilDiggerStudios Speculative Island Tyrannosaur :iconfossildiggerstudios:FossilDiggerStudios 4 1 Suddenly, Vintige Cards! by FossilDiggerStudios Suddenly, Vintige Cards! :iconfossildiggerstudios:FossilDiggerStudios 5 2 Terror Bird by FossilDiggerStudios Terror Bird :iconfossildiggerstudios:FossilDiggerStudios 3 1 Me and My New Favorite Book by FossilDiggerStudios Me and My New Favorite Book :iconfossildiggerstudios:FossilDiggerStudios 5 7 I got an IPad by FossilDiggerStudios I got an IPad :iconfossildiggerstudios:FossilDiggerStudios 3 7 Geki, my pet turtle by FossilDiggerStudios Geki, my pet turtle :iconfossildiggerstudios:FossilDiggerStudios 5 15 Dawn Bikni Preg Edit by FossilDiggerStudios Dawn Bikni Preg Edit :iconfossildiggerstudios:FossilDiggerStudios 35 4 Meirai the Mommachu by FossilDiggerStudios
Mature content
Meirai the Mommachu :iconfossildiggerstudios:FossilDiggerStudios 5 6
Random Sketch 4: Moon-Crest Dragon by FossilDiggerStudios Random Sketch 4: Moon-Crest Dragon :iconfossildiggerstudios:FossilDiggerStudios 3 3


Commission stream 17-02-18 by Marrazan Commission stream 17-02-18 :iconmarrazan:Marrazan 377 12 Tapu Lele pokemorph by ZinZoa
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Tapu Lele pokemorph :iconzinzoa:ZinZoa 109 20
Rotund Snivy by Susfishous
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Rotund Snivy :iconsusfishous:Susfishous 109 4
I love you darling...~ by ReallyEvilHoopa
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I love you darling...~ :iconreallyevilhoopa:ReallyEvilHoopa 21 8
Litten by ReallyEvilHoopa Litten :iconreallyevilhoopa:ReallyEvilHoopa 18 2 Ninetails and Arcanine playful mums by Deliveredmean42 Ninetails and Arcanine playful mums :icondeliveredmean42:Deliveredmean42 36 3 Sassy litten~ ewe by ReallyEvilHoopa Sassy litten~ ewe :iconreallyevilhoopa:ReallyEvilHoopa 36 22 Daily Paint 1915# Patchycephalosaurus by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 1915# Patchycephalosaurus :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 4,804 176 A Bunch Of Animation People Fanart by JirachiAtSundown A Bunch Of Animation People Fanart :iconjirachiatsundown:JirachiAtSundown 6 1 the adventures of lillie and mallow in alola CENSO by FANCOMIX
Mature content
the adventures of lillie and mallow in alola CENSO :iconfancomix:FANCOMIX 36 10
Utamon by Endless-Raising Utamon :iconendless-raising:Endless-Raising 13 12 Nesting Sky by MechaCross Nesting Sky :iconmechacross:MechaCross 266 15 Happy valentin's days by FANCOMIX
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Happy valentin's days :iconfancomix:FANCOMIX 42 16
[NOT MY ART] Mrs. Shy by Marrazan by PutinforGod
Mature content
[NOT MY ART] Mrs. Shy by Marrazan :iconputinforgod:PutinforGod 281 11
mei (Rosa) -Pokemon- (Commission) by YukinoMemories
Mature content
mei (Rosa) -Pokemon- (Commission) :iconyukinomemories:YukinoMemories 262 10
Growing Vulpix mom by Marrazan
Mature content
Growing Vulpix mom :iconmarrazan:Marrazan 803 36


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Welp, I’m addicted to the Digimon Links app.

Somebody save me before I- *sees I have Renamon lewds in another tab* Oh Omnimon Dammit -_-
Ah heck, I have the urge to make a Digimon.

Creativity plz
So the next PR Season is based off of GoBusters. I can only imagine what went down in the offices of Saban Entertainment 

Intern: Um, Mr. Saban, did you forget GoBusters again?

Saban: Oh, right, that exists...

So yeah, we’re getting Power Rangers: Beast Morphers in 2019, too bad it’s airing S I X Y E A R S A F T E R H E C K I N G G O B U S T E R S A L R E A D Y E N D E D
:Fossil’s Weenie Hut:

*is wearing a weenie hat* May I take your order Sir/Ma’am?
This is the music that plays when I don’t want to get out of bed but have too…
Archedia Randoms 3: NO TOUCHA DA CHILD!

Flutter: *napping with the kittens* Zzz... Zzz...

Fossil: *reaches out to gently pat one of them*

Flutter: *suddenly wakes up and bats his hand away* NO TOUCHA DA CHILD!

Fossil: Please...?

Flutter: *full protection mode* N O T O U C H A D A C H I L D !
Shitfaceicus Pai: Common name, Ajit Pai

Commonly found exploiting the Internet for monitary gain

Idiotcus Paul, subspecies Logan: Common name, Logan Paul 

Commonly found exploiting suicide victims for monitary gain

Idiotcus Paul, subspecies Jake: Common name, Jake Paul

Commonly found exploiting everything for monitary gain
Top 10 Disney Villian Songs

10: Friends on The Other Side from The Princess and the Frog…

9: Poor Unfortunate Souls from The Little Mermaid…

8: Hellfire from The Hunchback of Norte Dame…

7: Oogie Boogie Song from The Nightmare Before Christmas (what, it’s a Disney Movie)…

6: Be Prepared from The Lion King…

5: Gaston from the Beauty and The Beast REMAKE(I think it sounds better with the added lyrics)…

4: Savages from Pocahantas…

3: Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians…

2: My Lullaby from The Lion King 2(pun not intended)…

1:Shiny from Moana(It just so damn good!)…
“Let your heart guide you... It whispers, so listen closely....”-Littlefoot’s Mother
Any dinosaur lovers reading, let’s be honest...

Parasaurolophus is the punching bag of dinosaurs 
Favorite Folder logic

Fat/Stuffing: Mostly Pregnancy

Pregnancy: Mostly fat, stuffing and vore

Vore: Mostly Pregnancy

Me: ...Did people suddenly forget how pregnancy works?
Archedia Randoms 2: Cat vs sleeping Fossil

Flutter: UGH... I can’t sleep...

*a few seconds later*

Fossil: Zzz... Zzz... *suddenly feels something heavy on his chest* ghnk

Flutter: *on Fossil’s chest* Mrow, cozy...

Fossil: *suffication noises*
Archedia Randoms 1(new name for DA Team scenes, and these mostly won’t be canon): Kitty Nest

Fossil: *cleaning the house when he sees Flutter in her room, bed torn to shreds with all kinds of plushies scattered about* ...

Flutter: Zzz... Zzz...

Fossil: Yeah, fuck that... 
Gonna get around to doing Archedia stuff finally.

I came up with a religion for Archedia called Draconianity

It revolves around 5 Dragon Gods

Tohru: Dragon Goddess of Fire

Elma: Dragon Goddess of Water 

Fafnir: Dragon God of Earth

Quetzalcoatal: Dragon Goddess of Air

Kanna: Dragon Goddess of Thunder

Fossil’s old tribe worships the Dragon Gods in hopes that they’ll be reincarnated
What do you call a PC box full of shiny Pyukumuku?

The Pickle Jar


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